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I found a driver for my Intellimouse Optical for Windows 10. My life is, once again, complete. Let me explain.

So way back in like the early 2000's, we got a new computer in at work, and it had an Intellimouse with it. Being the IT Guy for that company, I swiped the new mouse hotness for my own. See, this mouse had 5 buttons. The usual left and right click, but this had a wheel you could click, and buttons on the left and right sides of the mouse, not just the top. I set my extra buttons for CTRL+V and CTRL+C. So much productivity ensued.

I then traveled to another company in 2008, and had them order these mice for me. Others saw the Mouse Hotness I possessed and wanted such things for themselves. My cult of the 5 Button Mouse grew.

Later, that company went under. As they were getting rid of things no one would use again, I might, possibly, maybe, have seen the remaining 5 button mice (still in the factory plastic wrap!) go "missing" from the pile of things being tossed out. (whistles innocently...)

Next company, I still had my little 5 Buttoned Buddy. In fact, the current company I'm with had no such mice when I arrived, so I brought my own in. Still have it at work: works great. I still have two more brand new mice up in the cupboard above my home desk.

But then my home PC died, and it had to be replaced. Windows 10 came to be installed, and lo! Windows 10 has no driver support for the Intellimouse.

There came a great wailing and gnashing of teeth from right about where I'm currently sitting. No drivers means no extra buttons. No cut and paste with a single smooth, fluid, one-handed motion. No double-clicking a file into life with a single push of a mouse wheel. Tasks grew in both complexity and length of time required to complete them. I went from a single, one fingered motion to now having to involve an entire other limb to simply cut and paste text from one place to another. Opening a file now took two clicks, not just a single, simple, efficient push.

But then came hope. had a solution. This Genius, this Hero, this Titan of a man (or maybe it's a woman named Phillip, I don't judge), has created a generic mouse driver that lets you assign tasks to the buttons on your mouse. Any Mouse.

My Mouse.

So once again, I can cut and paste with the ultimate in ease and confidence. Double-clicking an icon no longer takes me more than a single attempt to insure success. My still-unused mice awaiting their turn at being called into action one day can now breathe a mouse-sized sigh of relief, that they will still be able to function when their time comes.

And all is right with the world tonight.


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